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PE shrink film easy to break what reason @PVC/ PE shrink film easy to break what reason?
Publisher:admin   Post date:2019-10-21   Views:152
PE shrink film easy to break what reason @PVC/ PE shrink film easy to break what reason

PVC contraction film is very common in the packaging market now, such as the outer packaging of cosmetics, stationery outer packaging, outer packaging of doors and Windows, aluminum outer packaging and all kinds of stainless steel tube outer packaging will be used. Because the shrinkage of PVC shrink film is good, tensile force is strong, and the packaging is simple and easy to operate, only need to use high-power blower or semi-automatic, automatic heat shrink machine heating, can be firmly fixed in the surface of the product. But some PVC shrink film packaging products, a touch is easy to break, what is the reason? I think there are four main reasons:

I. quality problem of shrink film itself. If the temperature is not well adjusted during production, the product quality will be unstable, patience is not good, it is easy to break;

Second, the shrink film is too thin. Some businesses in order to save packaging costs, will require manufacturers to make the contraction film a little thinner, but thin contraction film contraction force is too large, will be easy to break;

Third, the heating temperature and time did not grasp, resulting in unqualified products, easy to fracture;

Iv. The product is not a brand new material, which is produced with recycled material or added with recycled material, resulting in reduced tension and easy fracture.

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