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How to control the transparency of PE protective film?
Publisher:admin   Post date:2019-10-21   Views:177
The transparency of PE protective film is related to the quality of products, which is of great importance. Here, the protective film manufacturer kai film introduces how to improve the transparency of PE protective film:

1 PE protective film is crystalline material, easy to crystallize, if not quickly cooling, is bound to reduce the transparency and elongation at break. Blow molding processing of the cooling effect is poor, high crystallinity, low transparency of the film.

2. Due to swelling and drafting, the molecular orientation is serious, resulting in low elongation at break; However, the cooling effect of casting production is good, with low crystallinity, good transparency and low orientation, so the elongation at break is high and the retraction is good.

3. An appropriate amount of antifogging agent should be added.

4. On the above basis, add transparent nucleating agent.

5.PE protective film material selection of low fog, high melting finger.

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